The Sudamerican Sandboard Cup is the “Latin step” of the Dune Riders International World Tour of Sandboard.

Thanks to its incredible dunes, it first took place in Perù (2000), and so on until now, organized by the Peruvian Association of Sandboarding and Snowboarding (APSS) and with all the support of the National Winter Sports Federation (FEPADI).This event is now the official lead of sudamerican regulation for sandboard in the D.R.I World Tour.

Inside the Sudamerican Sandboard Cup “box” you will find different modalities of contest :

  • Big Air : The competitors have to jump 4 times a ramp specially designed, and realize figures and tricks in the air to get points, in accordance with the criteria previously determined by the judges (only the best 2 jumps will be taken into account).

  • Parallel Slalom (Duel Slalom) : Starting 1 vs 1 at the same time, the competitors have to be the first to get to the finish line through a race course filled with gates and designed with curves. The winner is the fastest one at the end of all series.

  • Boarder Cross : 3 or 4 sandboarders competing simultaneity in a race course specially designed with some obstacles (jumps and curves). The winner is determined following the finish order, time and faults (several series).

  • Slope Style : Each competitor has to ride a course specially designed with several obstacles (jumps and rails slide) and express himself as he wants (freestyle). The judges will note the ride as a whole and not only on one module.

  • Rails Slide : It’s a contest that contains metal bars, funboxes and obstacles used to slide or grind across while performing a variety of tricks. The judges will closely look at the form, length and altitude of the rail, the quality of the tricks, the performance and the lending of the athlete.

Thanks to our godfather, Lon Beal (Executive Director of the D.R.I) and the great work of Sandro Garcia Egoavil, Official representing the D.R.I for South America and Director of the Sudamerican Sandboard Cup, this event is now growing in South America and we hope to be able to set up in 2006 several other steps (Argentina, Chile …).

The Sudamerican Sandboard Cup board of Directors wishes to go on in the development of sandboard in South America, in both amateur and professional way of practicing this sport, following the rules set up by the D.R.I and in respect of all motivation and engagement of everyone involved.

“How far you go… Enjoy the ride ! “

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