• History and Organization

Dune Riders International was founded in 1995 to govern competitive sandboarding on a global scale. D.R.I is also the foremost organization for the responsible use and preservation of the worlds dune systems for recreational and sport sandboarding.

Its fundamental purpose, as set forth in its by-laws, is to seek effective means to safeguard and preserve the quality of the earths dunes as sandboarding environments (dunes, dune banks, sand mountains and sand parks) and to promote recreational as well as competitive sandboarding, related activities and to provide members with multiple opportunities for active involvement in the sport of sandboarding.

DRI offices are located at 20337 86th Street California City, California USA and it’s operations are conducted, under and through the authority of its Board of Directors.

• Principles and By Laws

Supported by our members and 8 chapters internationally, Dune Riders International ( DRI ) with affiliations in Australia, Mexico, France, Chile, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the United States is the "First and Only" international organization for the preservation of earths dune systems for recreational and competitive sandboarding.

Dune Riders International has adopted the following by-laws to guide the activities of this organization:

1. D.R.I recognizes the biodiversity and ecological aspects of the earth’s dune systems noting they are precious and irreplaceable. Dune Riders International committed to preserving natural living and non-living elements and ecological integrity of these dune environments.

2. D.R.I promotes the use of low-impact, free and open access to the world's dune systems for all people. DRI acts to preserve this right of access for all mankind.

3. D.R.I has a mission to develop and enhance sandboarding opportunities in ways which will not adversely impact endangered flora fauna or the health of the dunes ecosystem.

4. D.R.I believes environmental education is essential to the future health and responsible use of our planets sand dunes. D.R.I seeks to develop and utilize educational materials that are informative, interesting and enjoyable.

5. D.R.I strives to be accurate and nonpartisan in its communications with its members and the general public. D.R.I will express the unique value inherent to sandboarding, individual expression, camaraderie, and appreciation for mankind’s relationship with sand dunes.

6. D.R.I is a people based organization only effective through the participation and support of its members and directors. D.R.I activities emphasize the value of an involved membership and encourage all to keep active.

7. D.R.I welcomes all commercial enterprises to support us in our worthy efforts. Their demonstration to help our efforts will favorably influence D.R.I willingness to return support. However, D.R.I will not permit sponsors to divert the organization from its mission or projects undertaken.

8. D.R.I does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin for any reason. D.R.I promotes the healthy enjoyment of the dune environments for all people of all nations.

9. D.R.I and its representatives, affiliations, chapters and members agree to abide by these principles and bylaws as they apply to sandboarding.

10. D.R.I will maintain an international rules and rating system that is non-partial, realistic and safe. In turn, D.R.I is obligated to keep statistics and official records.

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